Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TOPAZ | Branding

  • TOPAZ Graphic and Branding Agency 
    Inspired by the Ancient Egyptian Civilization,
    we created a brand language and brandmark that  indirectly illustrates holographic letters used in the English font of the logo. All  alphabets used were inspired by old Pharaonic writings. The Arabic typography used in the logo was drawn specially for Topaz inspired by the English Font chosen.
    The font type used is strong with sharp edges to give the feeling of the gemstone characteristics.
     As for the brand language colors, we have chosen grand Topaz colors; Red, Blue and Navy, the navy was also used in the logo to give a grand look maintaining the Egyptian culture in a modern way to show Topaz’s creativity and its heritage part since Topaz is an Egyptian company.
  • Brandmark
  • Logo anatomy
  • Logo anatomy
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  • Egyptian heliographic letters
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